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Want a true communal scrape?

Patented BuckBranch is the answer:

 Scraping, like rubbing, allows a buck to make his presence known by dispensing gland scent throughout his area. Typical scraping behavior involves leaving scent from a buck's preorbital and forehead glands. 

 All deer use scrapes to communicate with one another throughout the year, but they become more visible during the rut because deer have more urgent infomation to relate. ... Scrapes are often (mistakenly) thought of in terms of territorial markers made by only a single buck, and/or only during the rut .

The BuckBranch is basically a beacon that provides everything bucks (and does) are looking for to communicate with the herd. True communal scrapes can not be made with curiosity scent, and or, urine... It takes glands for true communication. 

it's all about the vine & ropes!


The "nerve center" is in the vine & ropes

We've proven the key to making successful true community scrapes (year round scrapes) is they have to have certain key ingredients.  Deer, mainly dominant bucks,  simply must leave their mark when it comes to a communal scrape... The vine  and ropes hold the glands used to communicate through scrapes, and are the key to this system!     $59.95


True communal scrapes are year round!

This doe is marking this BuckBranch scrape in March! 

***Leaves may vary


Quick and easy mounting

The BuckBranch can be placed in just minutes!

For 2020 we have added a scent wick inside the vine.


 The vine on a BuckBranch is intertwined with coconut fiber

 rope for the perfect scent wick.

BuckBrnach action!

...and this is mid September!!! 

Glands and BuckBranch just works!

our secrets and proof


Our mock scrapes turn communal

For years we have made mock scrapes that become year round communal scrapes by using zip ties to secure a grape vine to the branch... the vine becomes the focal point. These pictures are my mocks and we litterally get thousands of pictures a week on our mocks!


The perfect storm!

Our mocks are combined with the right glands, interactive ropes, and the attached vine.... 

With the BuckBranch, it combines all the elements needed for the perfect mock scrape!


BuckStik Systems

With the BuckBranch, BuckStik and RutStik, we have developed the perfect systems for attracting and keeping bucks on your property. 

Unlike urine or curiosity scents, with BuckStik we are truely communicating biologically with the herd.


Interactive BuckBranch Pole Mount


Comes complete with mount; 3/4" fiberglass pole; 

ground securing step-in and forehead strip. 

check out our how to videos


The BuckBranch is simple and easy to place

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