What is Buckstik?

Patented Bio Communication System using a bucks own natural pheromones:

Unlike urine based lures, the BuckStik taps into the very basic psyche of a bucks communication with the herd. By presenting the four (4) main glands used for communication (through rubs & scrapes) and establishing herd dominance, it's in a bucks very nature to have to interract with the BuckStik.

With BuckStik you can inventory your herd during the off-season and completely enrage your bucks during the rut!

  •  BuckStik uses the three main glands used to communicate through Rubs & Scrapes, therefore best performs from Aug/Sept into the stages of rut!

  • During the early stages of the rut, we suggest BuckStik be mock scraped and apply our BuckStik #4 (Pure Tarsal Gland). Which tells the dominant bucks in the area they have some serious competition in their territory.

Deer, mainly bucks, establish a pecking order within the herd, and BuckStik uses their own scent based language to get inside their heads!

          ...And the results are proving it!

Simply stick it in the ground, apply the glands and let mother nature take over!

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Every day we are proving pheromones, not urine, is the key to interacting with mature dominant bucks! We're posting the results daily on our FaceBook page... See the results for yourself. 

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Anatomy Of A BuckStik

BuckStik was designed for interaction with deer, mainly bucks! 

  • The top leaves and branches will hold their preorbital gland scent and is designed to be interacted with.

  • The middle forehead interactive strip is designed to hold forehead hair, gland and scent as bucks interact  to establish their pecking order.

  • The bottom Interdigital scent completes the system, when bucks are making rubs and scrapes they are also disbursing their interdigital gland.

BuckStik is the perfect interactive tool for dominant bucks in your area!

BuckStik Review

Detailed review of BuckStik

About our glands

Small Refresh Kit

Complete with all three pure glands:

  • Preorbital 
  • Forehead
  • Interdigital

Each easy to use spray bottle is enough to refresh the BuckStik up to six times. Remember... these are 100% pure glands.

Spray Bottle Refresh Kit

Complete with all three pure glands.

  • Preorbital
  • Forehead
  • Interdigital

Enough for entire season of refreshing the BuckStik.

Remember... these are 100% pure glands and LESS IS MORE!

BuckStik #4

 For mock scrapping the BuckStik

High Testosterone Pure Tarsal Gland

90/10 - This is the key to setting off the mature bucks in your area & your set!

A 90% high testosterone mature buck pure tarsal is blended with 10% mature buck urine. 

**This is the only urine we will ever use because it's natural for bucks to urinate to distribute tarsal.

Custom blended for MOCK SCRAPES & use with BuckStik & BuckStik HZ

Guaranteed Fresh

From Mature Bucks

Proven Results

Buckstik uses 4 pure glands; no urine!

Stop With The Urine; It's Just Piss!

Collecting urine and urine companies is BIG BUSINESS! For years we've been led to believe we just "got  to have" doe-in-heat or buck urine! Here are the results according to the latest studies:

 While urine-based lures may advertise that they’re just as good as the real thing, it may not be the case. For starters, the urine in commercial lures is collected from captive deer herds that are kept in pens with grated floors. So urine, feces, and any other miscellaneous materials may gather in the collection area. One of the problems of collected urine could be contamination from feces or other particulates. 

 Secondly, wild deer are not attracted to the scent of urine, but rather to the scents carried by urine, specifically the compounds emitted by the tarsal gland on the rear legs of male deer. In as few as 5 percent of all urinations, deer will urinate on their tarsal glands and the urine acts as a vessel, carrying compounds from the tarsal gland to scrapes on the ground. So it’s distinctly possible that the majority of urine collected in commercial lures extracted from captive deer do not actually contain the chemical compounds from the glands that wild deer seek out. 

 The jury for urine based lure effectiveness is out. While many sportsmen credit lures for their success, they may have been just as successful if they had hung a pine-scented air freshener in front of their stand. Also, be cautious of what is on the label, because there are loose requirements for the labeling of deer attractants, and what is advertised might not be the whole truth, given that very little of the desired gland based compounds may be in each bottle. 

Seven types of skin glands have been identified in whitetails that play a role in scent communication. These include the forehead, preorbital and nasal glands on the head; the tarsal, metatarsal and interdigital glands on the legs.

4 Main Glands; Perfect Presentation

The BuckStik presents the 4 main glands used to make rubs & scrapes, and presents them at an anatomically correct position.

Why BuckStik?

This is not baiting. With BuckStik you simply push it into the ground and add each gland at the corresponding height. At this point you are communicating with the deer in your area.

Advanced Hunting Solutions, LLC

 All of us at Advanced Hunting Solutions love our country; support our military; respect our flag; believe in the 2nd amendment, but most of all we love to hunt big mature whitetails!

Pheromone Communication System

Rubs & scrapes are not just visual, bucks are communicating through pheromones. BuckStik combines all 4 glands (separately)  to communicate with bucks in your area!

Communication Through Pheromones

Pher·o·mone -  a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species. 

BuckStik in action

Communication through 

glands with perfect presentation!

Urine based restrictions?

100% Safe - Mock Preorbital

Does your state have DNR restrictions? 

If it's just urine based restrictions, you're safe with the standard BuckStik, we use no urine in our glands.

If your state specifically states "no bodily fluids from deer", it's okay, we still got you covered with our all-new Mock Preorbital gland.

100% safe in all states with great results! 

It's all natural and organic preorbital gland.

When applied to the BuckStik, your dominant bucks will still interact and use it. We've been running tests with outstanding results!

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