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BuckStik uses the three glands Bucks use in Rubs & Scrapes

Every day we are proving pheromones, not urine, is the key to interacting with mature dominant bucks! We're posting the results daily on our FaceBook page... See the results for yourself.

anatomy of a buckStik


The Leaves:

Made for interaction, and holding scent, the BuckStik leaves are very natural and crucial for interaction.

The Vine:

Just added for the 2019 season... The vine is the "nerve center" and is the focal point for preobital and forehead interaction!  Perfect for mock scraping the BuckStik.

The Ropes:

After many trials and error, we found 100% natural coconut fiber rope is the preferred ropes for deer interaction. 

The Forehead Strip:

Perfectly positioned, the forehead strip is designed to hold and collect the minute hair, dirt and gland from bucks interacting with the BuckStik.

The Scent Pad:

Located at the bottom, the scent pad is made to hold the interdigital gland, which completes the perfect presentation of all three glands provided with every BuckStik.

The Stik:

Made from 3/8" fiberglass, the two-piece Stik is made to last for many years of interaction; combined with a, easy-to-use step in anchor for ultimate ground security.

It's all about the vines!

For 2020 we have added a scent wick!


The vine on a BuckStik is intertwined with coconut fiber

 rope for the perfect scent wick.

2020 BuckStiks


Original BuckStik:

 Completely interactive top leaves, vine and organic rope for total interaction and gland collection. Interactive rough center strip for forehead interaction and collection of buck's scent.

Step-in anchor allows for added stability and easy installation.

BuckStik complete system comes with 3 glands; Preorbital; Forehead; Interdigital packaged in easy-to-use spray bottles and detailed instructions. Two piece design for easy transport.

Each BuckStik is hand made in the United States and will last for years of outdoor exposure.

***Leaves may vary

59.95 ea.


All New BuckStik - 100% Pure Pine & Cedar Sap

We know that what's on top doesn't matter, it's all about the scent! We have turned 100% pure cedar and pine sap into an easy-to-use stick form.

Now, to make your BuckStik Cedar or Pine, simply apply to the stik and forehead strip. 




Our BuckStik 3 pack is our best deal; Buy 2 and get the 3rd stik half off!

Perfect for multiple sets, we have a variety of 3 stik combos to choose from. So no matter where you are located, we have the perfect set up for your hunting property!

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The ultimate Kill'n package

The Complete BuckStik Kill'n Package!


BuckStik - BuckBranch - RutStik - #4 Beads - #5 Beads - 2 gland kits

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Placing a buckstik

 BuckStiks are easy to use and quick to place! 

6 hours after placing the BuckStiks in the above video


Second buck within 12 hours!


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Outside The Box

Rubs & scrapes are not just visual, bucks are communicating through pheromones. BuckStik combines all 3 glands (separately)  to communicate with bucks in your area!


Pheromone Communication

Pher·o·mone -  a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species.