All New Patented BuckStik HZ


Complete horizontal rub package sets up in minutes... Anywhere!

Sets up in Minutes... Anywhere you want one


Horizontal rubs have been proven to attract dominant bucks. The BuckStik HZ offers the complete interactive system when used in conjunction with the BuckStik and all the glands we provide... This is the ultimate in whitetail communication!

Complete package no tools needed!


Give them the complete BuckStik experience! Complete with large forehead and  preorbital gland spray bottles; two 3/4" heavy duty fiberglass stakes, with heavy duty large step in stabilizers; 60" pine or cedar post pre-drilled for quick setup and comes vacuum packed for freshness. 

**Shown with optional BuckStik licking branch.

Horizontal rub installs in minutes!


Scotch Pine or Red Cedar Post Available

Extreme Duty flexible upright posts; Sets up in under 2 minutes.  5' Red Cedar or pine post comes pre-drilled and vacuum packed for ultimate freshness.


Create a rub & scrape system anywhere!

Made for mock scrapes and total interaction for the dominant bucks in your area. It's the ultimate scent post when used in conjunction with the original BuckStik! 


Proven Results

These are not just rubs they are heavily used scent posts... Bucks are using several of their main glands to communicate with this system.

All-new BuckStik HZ

Imagine setting up a  horizontal rub anywhere you want within minutes... with no tools!!!

HZ setup and installation

BuckStik HZ - Horizontal Rub System

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