BuckStik 3 Pack

Buy the 3 Pack and Save

3 Complete BuckStiks including (3) 5ml Gland Kits

Optional Pine or Cedar Add Ons available. (Applies to Forehead Strip) 

New for 2022 Season: The BuckStik 2.0 takes the original BuckStik design to the next level. Featuring a new Brighter Leaf Assembly perfect for Fall and the Rut while adding a New Forehead Strip designed to entangle and hold deer hair and gland secretions longer. All BuckStik's shipped after 8/25/2022 will feature the new Forehead Strip and Leaf Assembly. 

The Buckstik is a simple to use interactive deer attractant designed to attract dominant bucks and keep them coming back on a regular basis.  The artificial Buckstik serves as a licking branch, rubbing post, and mock scrape all in one.  Draw deer in and keep them coming in with the Buckstik.

Each unique and interactive BuckStik features:

  • Interactive top leaves, and coconut fiber rope and vines – perfect for use as a licking branch, capturing scent and starting a productive mock scrape
  • Forehead Strip – the forehead strip is designed to hold and collect hair, dirt, and gland secretions from bucks when they use it as a rubbing post
  • Scent Pad – located at the bottom of the BuckStik, the scent pad is designed to hold the interdigital gland scent, completing the perfect presentation of all three glands provided with every BuckStik.
  • Set of 3 separate gland scents – Preorbital, forehead, and interdigital – packaged in easy-to-use spray bottles **CAUTION – USE SPARINGLY AND ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS TO AVOID SPOOKING DEER** - these are not like urines – they are very powerful communication tools and should be used properly.
  • Durable 3/8” fiberglass, two piece stick designed for years of use and deer interaction.
  • Step in anchor for added stability and ease of installation.

Pine or Cedar Add on Available. Apply generously to forehead strip. 

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