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BuckStik / BuckBranch Combo Pack

Bundle & Save

Package includes (1) Vertically presented BuckStik + (1) Horizontally presented BuckBranch. Each comes complete with 5ml Gland Kits. 

Optional Pine or Cedar Add-ons available. (Applies to Forehead Strip for added effect) 


The Buckstik is a simple to use interactive deer attractant designed to attract dominant bucks and keep them coming back on a regular basis.  The artificial Buckstik serves as a licking branch, rubbing post, and mock scrape all in one.  Draw deer in and keep them coming in with the Buckstik.


Horizontally presented, the BuckBranch is the ultimate tool for creating interactive mock scrapes.  Scrapes, like rubs allow a buck to make his presence known to other deer in the area.  Typical scraping behavior by bucks involves leaving scent from the buck’s preorbital and forehead glands. With over 4’ of horizontal coverage, the BuckBranch is irresistible to deer.  Perfect for field edges, wide trails, or attached to fence posts, the BuckBranch drives bucks crazy.

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