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Our highly coveted glands are processed in a laboratory environment to ensure purity and consistency.  With no additives or color, we guarantee each gland is 100% pure with no contamination. 


Pure Glands; No restrictions

 Our glands have an unlimited shelf life, low evaporation rate and only get better with age.  With glands there are no restrictions like urine.


Our Glands Never Go Bad

Get proven results with your BuckStiks with very little gland. Just a one or spray is all that's needed for unbelievable results. 


Very Little Is Needed

We collect our glands from mature bucks specifically to piss off the dominant bucks in your area!

About BuckStik glands

#1 Preorbital


Bucks rub their preorbital on branches and twigs above scrapes or rubs – this gland serves identification and calling-card purposes. 

#2 Forehead


   When a buck rubs its antlers and forehead glands on shrubs, trees, fence posts or anything else, it is embedding its signature. 

#3 Interdigital


   The interdigital gland is a deer’s calling card. Odor is left in the deer’s track, whether a buck or doe, and, if a buck, how big or dominant it is.

Small Refresh kit


Large Refresh Kit


All new Buckstik bead blends for 2019

BuckStik #4 Beads

Perfect for mock scrapping the BuckStik and pre rut mock scrapes. We've taken our most popular blend and developed it into long lasting beads.

  • High Testosterone Pure Tarsal Gland
  • 90/10 - This is the key to setting off the mature bucks in your area & your set!
  • A 90% high testosterone mature buck pure tarsal is blended with 10% mature buck urine. 
  • The only urine we will ever use because it's natural for bucks to urinate to distribute tarsal.

Custom blended for MOCK SCRAPES & use with BuckStik & BuckStik HZ

Our 2018 results were off the charts with this blend and will sure to be in high demand this season.

Available while supplies last.

We will take pre orders and ship Sept 1st while supplies last. 

Due to limited supply, orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.


BuckStik #5 Beads:


Oh yes we did!!!

Never done before, we took all last season to collect pure November doe tarsal and will blend it with pure doe in heat urine.

90% Pure November doe tarsal

10% Pure doe in heat urine

Based on all of our studies and results, we found does as much as bucks territorilly mark the BuckStik.  This one is going to be off the charts!

Available in very limited supplies, due to the collection process!!!

Due to limited supply, orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Talking glands


Let's talk glands

Our ultimate package

The Complete BuckStik Kill'n Package!


 BuckStik - BuckBranch - RutStik - #4 Beads - #5 Beads - 2 gland kits

the days of using urine are outdated

Stop with the urine, it's just piss!

Collecting urine and urine companies is BIG BUSINESS! For years we've been led to believe we just "got  to have" doe-in-heat or buck urine! Here are the results according to the latest studies:

 While urine-based lures may advertise that they’re just as good as the real thing, it may not be the case. For starters, the urine in commercial lures is collected from captive deer herds that are kept in pens with grated floors. So urine, feces, and any other miscellaneous materials may gather in the collection area. One of the problems of collected urine could be contamination from feces or other particulates. 

 Secondly, wild deer are not attracted to the scent of urine, but rather to the scents carried by urine, specifically the compounds emitted by the tarsal gland on the rear legs of male deer. In as few as 5 percent of all urinations, deer will urinate on their tarsal glands and the urine acts as a vessel, carrying compounds from the tarsal gland to scrapes on the ground. So it’s distinctly possible that the majority of urine collected in commercial lures extracted from captive deer do not actually contain the chemical compounds from the glands that wild deer seek out. 

 The jury for urine based lure effectiveness is out. While many sportsmen credit lures for their success, they may have been just as successful if they had hung a pine-scented air freshener in front of their stand. Also, be cautious of what is on the label, because there are loose requirements for the labeling of deer attractants, and what is advertised might not be the whole truth, given that very little of the desired gland based compounds may be in each bottle. 

Seven types of skin glands have been identified in whitetails that play a role in scent communication. These include the forehead, preorbital and nasal glands on the head; the tarsal, metatarsal and interdigital glands on the legs.


Proven Results


Not Baiting

 This is not baiting. With BuckStik you simply push it into the ground and add each gland at the corresponding height. At this point you are communicating with the deer in your area. 


Not Urine

 Every day we are proving pheromones, not urine, is the key to interacting with mature dominant bucks! 



Look at the pictures and results our customers got this past season... 

Can you honestly say you've seen intereaction with a product like this with results like we have proven?