Own the Complete BuckStik System with the Ultimate Kill'n Package. 

Ultimate Kill'n Package includes:

  • (1) BuckStik w/ 3 pack of Glands 
  • (1) BuckBranch w/ 3 Pack of Glands 
  • (2) RutStiks w/ #5 Spray (USE FOR RUT)
  • (1) 2oz Jar #4 Beads (for Stand alone Mock Scrapes or used with BuckStik,BuckBranch)  
  • (1) 2oz Jar #5 Beads (use with RutStik)
  • (1) Large Gland Refresh Kit
  • (1) BuckStik Sticker
  • (1) BuckStik T Shirt (Pure Gland as pictured or BuckStik Black/Green T Shirt based on availability)


How to Use the Ultimate Kill'n Package:

 Step 1: Any time before season, place your BuckStik & BuckBranch in two separate locations. Preferably, in high traffic areas along edges, funnels or in a shooting lane near your stand. Place them and spray according to the instructions provided with the Buckstik/BuckBranch. Create Mock scrapes at the base of the two products. Spray One spray of #3 Interdigital in the mock scrape. Leave them alone until October. Refreshing every 3-4 weeks per instructions as you see fit.

Step 2: During the 2nd week of October, Use a disposable plastic spoon to place 8-12 #4 Beads directly in the mock scrapes you created in step 1. Load #5 Beads into your RutStik’s and spray your RutStik’s leaves with #5 spray. Follow the provided RutStik instructions and place a RutStik about 10-15 feet away from your BuckStik and place the second Rutstik 10-15 feet away from the BuckBranch. 

Step 3: Sit back. You just told the local bucks there is a new buck in town! AND that there is a hot doe coming in.

Step 4: Continue to refresh the mocks with #4 Beads and the RutStiks with #5 spray every 1-2 weeks throughout the rut. #5 beads can be refreshed in the RutStik every 2-3 weeks.

Step 5: Hunt Hard!

T Shirt Size