Rutstik - Complete the system!

Designed to present the #5 beads

Perfect for interaction and marking, the RutStik was made for holding the #5 beads - Pure Doe Tarsal with Doe in Heat!

Completes the BuckStik System

When used with the BuckStik or BuckBranch, the RutStik completes the communication system by presenting the beads specifically at the right height.

Mark The Spot

With the RutStik filled with #5 doe tarsal beads, your telling bucks in your area there's a hot doe marking that area and will keep him up and casing the area! 

How it works


Load beads

By simply sliding down the perforated stainless steel grate, the beads are easily loaded into the top of the RutStik.


Our #5 Beads are 90% November doe tarsal gland mixed with 10% ATA approved doe-in-heat. $35

Does mark more often when in estrous


This doe is tarsal-marking a BuckStik!

 Does in estrous urinate a lot. Does that squat numerous times are probably in estrous... With the RutStik, you're telling the bucks there is a hot doe squat marking with her tarsals. This is when you really know a doe is in heat!

Not just hot doe urine, but when she is ready her tarsals are stained and producing! And that's why the #5 beads are a game changer, this has never been done before!!! 

Why a RutStik?

The RutStik represents a hot doe in heat making it known she is ready! When does squat mark, they mark brush, high grass anything that gets her hot scent up in the thermals where it can be detected easier by bucks. The RutStik represents this and presents our #5 in the perfect fasion!

RutStik Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 30" Tall
  • Stands at 22" when mounted
  • Two piece stainless steel top enclosure for holding the beads
  • Comes with #5 spray bottle.

Designed to work in conjunction with the BuckStik & BuckBranch, the RutStik completes the system. From mid-October through all stages of the rut, RutStik will be perfect for keeping rutting bucks checking and cruising for that hot doe.

Perfect for placement near BuckStiks, scrapes, mock scrapes and rublines.

When used with our long lasting #5 beads, refreshing the RutStik is minimal. 

***Beads not included.

***Leaves may vary.


RutStik Instructional Video

Does your state ban glands?

Does your state ban glands?

Does your state ban glands?


Do you hunt multiple sets?

Does your state ban glands?

Does your state ban glands?