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 It is as advertised. It works with the Deers own social behavior!

Derrick B. - Canada


 What an amazing innovative invention. the buckstik is a must have for your season!

Jeff W. - MO


Excellent products ... first set of cams 10 days out multiple bucks checking and interacting with BuckStik!! 

Bobby J. - OK


 I put my Buckstik out on Friday, September 21, 2018, around 11 a.m. within 12 hours. I had pics and video of the does on my property interacting with the Buckstik! I was thoroughly impressed. I was expecting it to take a couple of days...nope!!! Less than 12 hours!!! 

Martin S. - MI


 I put out my buckstik and within a couple hours of it being out I was getting pics of the deer on my property. Great tool to inventory and pattern your deer. 

Jake G - SD


  Awesome innovation in deer communication. Not one attractant that even compares to this attractant with glands not pee. This is truly a new wave in the hunting industry!

Terri W. - OH


Terrien T. - MI

 Great product all around! The staff is great, customer service is awesome and prompt shipping. This product has proven its worth by so many. 


 I heard about the BuckStik and was very intrigued. It works with glands, not urine. If you hunt, you know deer communicate through glands. I got the BuckStik, put it out and almost immediately had Deer interacting with. Set-up is very easy. During the pre rut and rut, it should be awesome. Thanks Chris Strussion for a very cool and innovative product. 

Jerry G. - TX


Zach B. - FL

 110% recommend the Buckstik placed it on a funnel I’ve been scouting for a few years and had great results from small bucks to mature bucks if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend you do!! 

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Product Review: BuckStik

Like most people there is always some scepticism on a new product you have never used before. Stepping outside of my norm, from using urine based products to using a gland based product. Even though most products are based around attracting deer during the rut. I decided to try it on the off season. I must say this product is very easy to setup and apply the scent glands. It is so simple, the hardest part is resisting the urge to use more glands. It's not very often that you find a product that work outside of the rut. I have only applied one application of the #1 scent glands on my BuckStik thus far. I will be using my BuckStik year around to monitor my deer herd. I am very excited to see the interest the deer will have as the seasons progress.