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Our pure glands have an infinite shelf life...


 Bucks rub their preorbitals on branches and twigs above 

scrapes or rubs – this gland serves identification and calling-card purposes.


 When a buck rubs its antlers and forehead glands on shrubs, trees, fence posts or anything else, it is embedding its signature. 


 The interdigital gland is a deer’s calling card. Odor is left in the deer’s track, whether a buck or doe, and, if a buck, how big or dominant it is. 

How it works

buckstik in action Video

Communication through glands with perfect presentation!

BuckStik beginnings

Owner & Inventor; Chris Strussion

With an extensive background in  ventilation, design and manufacturing, Chris owns several successful patents. But for the past 33 years, bow hunting has always been a passion for him. As Chris puts it, " It was a natural transition for me to jump into the hunting industry."    

For over ten years I've been using and honing the technique of using sticks to communicate with mature, dominant bucks. Back in the day, we just used a real stick to get our footage, but bucks could never really interact with it the way they wanted to... through trial, error, and observation, it has evolved to what you see today.

Customer service, American made, and quality are my highest priorities!   

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