The "Ultimate Mock Scrape" Combo Pack

New Package for 2023:

Save some $$$ and Get Setup for any Mock Scrape Application with the Ultimate Mock Scrape Combo Pack. 

This Package includes:

(1) BuckStik w/ 3 Pack of Glands For Open Fields and Edges

(1) BuckBranch w/ 3 Pack of Glands For narrow lanes and travel Corridors

(1) BuckVine w/ 3 Pack of Glands For Vine Applications

(1) RutStik w/ Doe Tarsal Spray and Doe Tarsal Beads. Exclusively for the Rut using 90% Doe Tarsal and 10% Doe in Heat Urine. 


MSRP: $344.95

Limited Time Combo Price: $299.99