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Buckstik Bead Instructions

Buckstik Bead Instructions

How to Use:

#4 – 90% Mature Buck Tarsal with 10% High Testosterone Buck Urine

When you place a BuckStik, you always want to make a mock scrape around/near the base. (Scraping the ground with a rake works well) Around Mid-October, use a plastic disposable spoon to place 8-12 #4 Beads directly into the mock scrape. Repeat and refresh the Mock Scrapes every 2-3 weeks throughout the rut.

#4 Spray is used in a similar fashion. Spray the mock scrape or any natural scrapes every 1-2 weeks during the rut.

Prostaff Tip: #4 Beads/Spray is also great to use in territorial scrapes made by Bucks in your area. 


#5 – 90% Doe Tarsal with 10% Ultra Premium Doe-in-Heat Urine.

#5 Beads were specifically designed to be used with the RutStik. Starting around the mid to last week of October, Use a plastic spoon to load your RutStik’s bead chamber located at the top of the RutStik. Insert the RutStik into the ground then Spray the RutStik’s leaves with the #5 Spray.  Refresh the RutStik with #5 Spray every week during rut. Beads maintain scent longer than Spray. Refresh the beads every 2-3 weeks while rut is still active. 

Reference RutStik Instructions.