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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the best time to put out the BuckStik/BuckBranch/BuckVine?

A1. Anytime. We at BuckStik leave our sticks out year round. Deer do not stop communicating in the off season. The more you have them out the better patterns you can establish. 

Q2. I do not want to leave my stick out in the winter when should I put it out? 

A2. We recommend leaving them out year round however if you do not want to... it is best to put them out around Turkey season to get the full effect for the year. 

Q3. Is there any such thing as too late to put a stick out? 

A3. As mentioned before deer communicate year round. Decemeber 1st comes around and your not having luck this year? Put a BuckStik Product in! Deer will interact and communicate almost instantly.  

Q4. How do I store my glands? 

A4. Out of direct sunlight at room temp or less. A dark basement is a good spot. Never freeze your glands as when they thaw they will dilute the scent. 

Q5. How much spray do I apply? 

A5. Follow the instructions provided with your stick/branch/vine. ONE to TWO Sprays of each gland is all you need. These are not urine based scents. These are pure glands. Never spray more than two sprays as it csan cause an adverse reaction with the deer. 

Q6. When do I apply the gland scents? 

A6. Preorbital is used year round. refresh every 4-6 weeks. Start introducing Forehead Gland to your forehead strip area or bottom of the BuckVine once they start shedding Velvet. (End of August/ Early Sept) Refresh every 4-6 weeks as needed. Interdigital is used at the base of your stick in season. Refresh every 4-6 weeks as needed. 

Q7. Which product is best for my property? 

A7. The original vertical BuckStik is perfect for open fields, field edges, or food plots. It is the most versatile product that we offer and can be placed almost anywhere. 

The BuckBranch and BuckVine are perfect for travel lanes, corridors, and pinch points to and from an open area. If you prefer a licking branch go with the BuckBranch, If you prefer a Vine scrape go with the BuckVine. 

The RutStik is used primarily during the Rut. Standing at only 20 inches high it is designed to be at a height right under a Does thermals. Utilizing Doe Tarsal and Doe in heat beads/spray the RutStik will drive rutting bucks wild. Best to use in conjunction with a primary stick product. i.e. 15 feet away from a BuckStik/BuckVine/ BuckBranch during the Rut.