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BuckVine w/ 3 Pack of Glands

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The BuckVine incorporates a 1 inch diameter artificial Grape Vine to tap into the psyche of a whitetail Deer. Hanging Vines is one of the best ways to communicate and create communal Scrapes. Each Vine comes with a 3 pack of the Main Glands Deer use to communicate. (Preorbital, Forehead, & Interdigital , 5ml size) Perfect on travel lanes, narrow corridors, or attached to a fence post in a field. 

Designed to hold and retain Deer DNA (Gland Secretions and Hair) better than any natural Vine. Creating the ultimate communal Mock Scrape that lasts for years. 

Present the included 3 main glands at the ideal heights for interaction. Preorbital on the leaves and rope at head level, Forehead on the vine tip at rubbing height, and Interdigital Gland in the Mock Scrape you create directly underneath the BuckVine. 

Package Includes:

  • Easy Screw in Base, Screw into tree or fence post (No tools needed)
  • Fiberglass rod construction
  • Hinged Top allowing for extreme flexibility and movement
  • Leaf and coconut fiber Rope assembly on the Vine.
  • 3 Pack of Glands (5ml, PreOrbital, Forehead, Interdigital) Don't settle for synthetics. Get the real deal with BuckStik. 


Sets Up in Seconds:

1. Screw in base to tree or post.

2. Connect rod to base

3. Spray 3 Gland Sprays according to directions. Preorbital on Leaves and rope. Forehead on bottom point of Vine. And Interdigital in a Mock scrape you create on the ground directly underneath