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Deer use their sense of smell as their primary communication method with other deer.  These scents come from 3 primary glands:  Preorbital, forehead, and interdigital.  Buckstik has developed a line of all three glands that are 100% pure and 100% natural.  Processed in a laboratory setting to ensure purity and consistency these highly coveted glands have an unlimited shelf life, low evaporation rate, and unlike urines have no usage restrictions.

Because BuckStik glands are so powerful, they deliver proven results with minimal application.  Just one or two sprays are all that are needed for unbelievable results.

Gland secretions are collected from mature bucks specifically to arouse and enrage the dominant bucks in your area.

About Buckstik Glands

  1. Preorbital:  Bucks rub their preorbital on branches and twigs above scrapes or rubs – this gland serves identification and calling-card purposes.
  2. Forehead:  When a buck rubs its antlers and forehead glands on shrubs, trees, fence posts or anything else, it is embedding its signature. 
  3. Interdigital:  The interdigital gland is a deer’s calling card. Odor is left in the deer’s track, whether a buck or doe, and, if a buck, how big or dominant it is.