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When a doe enters peak estrous, she will urinate on her tarsal glands marking any brush, tall grass, etc in order to get her hot scent in the air where it can be detected more easily by cruising bucks.  The Rutstik is designed to mimic this scent unlike anything on the market.  The Rutstik is a 30” tall stick that stands at 22” when place in the ground.  It includes a two piece stainless steel top enclosure designed to hold our #5 hot doe tarsal gland scent beads (not included).  For use from Mid October through all stages of the rut, the Rutstik is perfect for keeping rutting bucks checking and cruising for the hot doe.  Perfect for placing near Buckstiks, RIPstiks, mock scrapes and rublines.


  • 30” fiberglass rod construction
  • Two piece Stainless steel bead scent dispenser for use with #5 Hot Doe Tarsal beads (sold separately)
  • Spray bottle of #5 Hot doe Tarsal Gland
  • Use from mid October through end of rut
  • Perfect when paired with the Buckstik or Ripstik

#5 Hot Doe Tarsal Beads sold separately.